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Big bright blue eyes and the prettiest skin, little Blair is adorable! And no lack of personality either. She smiles the sweetest smiles and is set on keeping hand bands off her head. With a face like hers and a birthday coming up she will be lacking nothing. Oh the wonders on a 1 year old! Happy Birthdaywinterberryphotog_581pinthiswinterberryphotog_582pinthiswinterberryphotog_583pinthiswinterberryphotog_584pinthiswinterberryphotog_585pinthiswinterberryphotog_586pinthiswinterberryphotog_587pinthiswinterberryphotog_588pinthiswinterberryphotog_589pinthiswinterberryphotog_590pinthiswinterberryphotog_591pinthiswinterberryphotog_592pinthiswinterberryphotog_593pinthis

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Packing my camera gear the night before I thought about the times I had spent playing with Mikaela and her sister. Still the happy, sweet beautiful blonde I remembered her being so many years ago, she welcomed us into the beautiful home she was getting dressed in. All the bridesmaids were in green monogramed button up shirts and wearing smiles. You could feel the excitement and love in the room. Jada Layne from Tracy’s Salon on Main (Wise, VA) was busy enhancing everyone’s beauty.

The guys in the guest home had a whole different feel. A bit slower, a bit easier, a bit less worry. After all it doesn’t take them as long to throw on some clothes. Smiles, jokes and handsome faces filled the home.

Their ceremony wasn’t short of a fairytale. Walking down the isle to the perfect spot infront of  a waterfall and guest circled all around. Their friends and family watched as the two became one. Then came the dancing, food (amazing food cooked by her father), fire pit, jumping into the pool and sparkers to top off the night.

I was in awww from beginning, to end. Everything was perfect, the people and the place.


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    • winter - At a private residence in Abingdon, VA.ReplyCancel

These two cuties are all personality. Zack, friendly, polite, and concerned with every move his sister makes. Amanda, cute, observant and smiles the biggest at her brother. What was supposed to be Easter pictures turned into summer portraits. I’m just glad the weather held off and we finally got them in.winterberryphotog_506pinthiswinterberryphotog_507pinthiswinterberryphotog_508pinthiswinterberryphotog_509pinthiswinterberryphotog_510pinthiswinterberryphotog_511pinthis

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