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I laughed out loud while editing Brandon and Alicia’s wedding. It brought back so many fun memories of their wedding day for me so I only hope when they look at all their images they smile, laugh, and makes their knees week. These two are the type of people I immediately like. Out going, funny, and not afraid to be themselves. Check out more of their wedding photos on Winterberry’s facebook page at the link below.



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I’m bad with timing. I think something should take an hour and it ends up taking all day. Ok so I’m going to blame this one on my kids, I mean they get hungry and stuff. What was supposed to be posted on here this morning ends up finally going up past 10 pm. It’s ok though because this wedding was sooo worth the wait!

I photographed a wedding several years ago that Kelsey was a bridesmaid in. So when she called about booking her wedding at Nesslerod on the New, I was excited. It’s always nice to know that I left a good impression and Nesslerod is an amazing venue to photograph at. The owner is amazing. Down to the details things are taken care of and the light is always beautiful.

Lance and Kelsey have to be two of the most thoughtful people ever. Even on her wedding day Kelsey made sure everyone else was well taken care of. The gifts the bridesmaids and groomsmen received for being such loyal, close friends were awesome! The guys received kicks, and the girls coach clutches. Um, and let’s not forget the photographers (myself and Kristen) were gifted starbucks gift cards!

After some personalized, sweet vows were exchanged the fun started. Some crazy dance moves, some mouth watering food, and amazing people all got together for a epic party.


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I’m trying so hard to stay caught up yet still enjoy life. Talk about a hard balance. I want to throw an apology out there for late returned phone calls. Tomorrow morning all 10 of you will be returned, all business and personal facebook messages will be returned, all 5 text and who knows how many emails will be returned. If you’ve sent me a message and don’t hear from me by noon tomorrow please call, text, pm, email me again.

I’m going to bed as soon as I finish posting this WONDERFUL, so full of life and extremely close family. Families like this are few and far between. Caring, loving, fun, and rated G. G as in movie ratings incase I’m too sleepy to be making sense.

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